SaaS North 2024: A Catalyst for Growth in Canada’s SaaS Landscape

The Essence of SaaS North

SaaS North stands out as a pivotal event for Canada’s SaaS companies. Known for its focus on delivering tactical expert advice and keynotes with practical lessons learned, the event offers a unique blend of learning and networking opportunities. With a strong attendance of investors, SaaS North is an ideal platform for SaaS entrepreneurs looking to amplify their business strategies and investment payback​​.

Why SaaS Entrepreneurs Should Attend

  • Diverse Participation: The event brings together over 2,000 SaaS founders and their teams, along with investors and members of the broader cloud software ecosystem. It’s Canada’s largest gathering of SaaS professionals, providing an unparalleled opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange​​.
  • Wide Range of Topics: SaaS North covers an extensive array of topics crucial for SaaS businesses. These include the latest industry trends, marketing strategies, sales techniques, customer success, product development, pricing strategies, talent acquisition, leadership, operations, and capital raising. This broad scope ensures that regardless of your business stage or functional role, there are valuable insights to be gained​​.
  • Sessions Tailored for Every SaaS Stage: The conference offers tailored sessions for different stages of a SaaS business:
    • Ground Floor SaaS ($0-$1M ARR): Practical advice on achieving product-market fit and gaining initial traction.
    • Start-up SaaS ($1M-$10M ARR): Insights from companies and individuals who have successfully grown their SaaS businesses in this revenue range.
    • Scale-up SaaS ($10M ARR & beyond): Wisdom from leading SaaS pioneers who have achieved significant scale and revenue growth​​.

How to Maximize Your SaaS North Experience

  • Engage with Diverse Topics: Attend sessions across different areas to get a holistic understanding of the SaaS landscape.
  • Network with Purpose: Leverage the event to connect with potential investors, partners, and peers. Prepare to share your story and learn from others.
  • Learn from Every Stage: Whether you are in the early stages or scaling up, there’s wisdom to be gained from the experiences of others at different stages of their SaaS journey.
  • Apply Insights to Your Business: Post-event, integrate the strategies, tips, and practices you learned into your business to drive growth and success.


SaaS North is more than just a conference; it’s a comprehensive platform for learning, networking, and scaling within the SaaS ecosystem. For SaaS entrepreneurs in Canada and beyond, attending SaaS North is an opportunity to accelerate growth, gain valuable insights, and build lasting relationships in the ever-evolving world of SaaS.