Turing Fest 2024: A Premier Tech Conference in the UK

Overview of Turing Fest

Turing Fest, scheduled for July 9th-10th, 2024 in Edinburgh, is the UK’s leading cross-functional tech conference. Recognized as Europe’s foremost tech event at the intersection of product, growth, capital, and people, Turing Fest stands out for its high-value content, connections, and conversations. It’s an event tailored for those building and scaling technology businesses​​​​.

Why Turing Fest is Beneficial for SaaS Entrepreneurs

  • Multi-Disciplinary Focus: Turing Fest covers a wide array of critical topics for tech entrepreneurs. It has three curated tracks that offer insights on engineering & product (Build), go-to-market & revenue (Grow), and culture, people & operations (Lead). This structure ensures comprehensive learning across various aspects of running and growing a tech business​​.
  • Networking and Collaboration: The event is designed to facilitate connections and collaborations among attendees. With activities like Speaker Round Tables, Speed Networking, and Mind Melds, Turing Fest creates an environment conducive to sharing ideas and experiences, crucial for entrepreneurs looking to expand their network and gain new perspectives​​.
  • Diverse and Engaging Content: According to testimonials from previous attendees, Turing Fest offers a unique and equal learning environment. The event is praised for its well-coordinated structure, featuring great speakers and exhibitors. Attendees from various companies like Shopify, Skyscanner, Amplitude, Startup Core Strengths, and Hubspot have commended the conference for its diverse crowd and the new ideas it fosters. This feedback highlights the event’s ability to push thinking, reconnect with career intentions, and embed learnings into business practices and culture​​.

Maximizing the Turing Fest Experience

As a SaaS entrepreneur, here’s how you can make the most of Turing Fest:

  • Dive into Various Tracks: Explore sessions across all tracks to gain a holistic understanding of the tech landscape.
  • Engage in Networking Activities: Take advantage of the structured networking opportunities to meet like-minded professionals and industry leaders.
  • Learn from Diverse Speakers: Pay attention to the insights shared by a range of speakers, and consider how their experiences can be applied to your SaaS business.
  • Embrace the Collaborative Environment: Use the equal and open environment to share your ideas and learn from others, fostering a collaborative spirit.


Turing Fest 2024 promises to be a dynamic and enriching experience for SaaS entrepreneurs. With its multidisciplinary approach, diverse content, and opportunities for collaboration, it’s an event that can provide invaluable insights and connections for anyone in the tech industry, especially those focused on building and scaling SaaS products and services.