SaaSOpen 2024: A Unique Experience for SaaS Founders

What Sets SaaSOpen Apart

1. Exclusive Gathering of CEOs

SaaSOpen 2024, scheduled for March 28-29th, focuses on efficient growth, attracting over 1,000 SaaS CEOs with revenues of $5m+. This makes it an exclusive event where you can interact with top-tier SaaS leaders who are actively shaping the industry​​.

2. Real-Time Learning and Demonstrations

Unlike many other conferences, SaaSOpen emphasizes practical learning. Speakers are required to show real evidence, providing a ‘show, don’t tell’ experience. This approach ensures that the insights shared are grounded in actual success stories and data, which is invaluable for SaaS founders like us looking to apply real-world strategies to our businesses​​.

3. Diverse Range of SaaS Leaders

The event features over 110 speakers, all of whom are operating SaaS leaders. This includes founders, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CPOs, offering a comprehensive view of the SaaS landscape from various leadership perspectives. With attendees like Prasanth Chandrasekar (CEO of Stack Overflow), Jim Yu (Founder of BrightEdge), and Jason Cohen (Founder of WPEngine), the event promises a lineup of seasoned SaaS professionals​​​​​​​​.

4. Innovative Session Formats

SaaSOpen hosts fast-paced 20-minute keynotes where top founders reveal unique tactics, data, and strategies. These sessions are designed in a TedX and interview style, including live Q/A, which is perfect for gaining concise and powerful insights in a limited time. Additionally, the event offers Mastery Workshops in 10-person roundtables, enabling intimate and focused learning experiences​​.

5. Interactive Opportunities

The event features a ‘Sharktank for SaaS Live’ segment where founders can pitch to buyers and investors in real-time. This interactive setup is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to observe live deal-making or even participate in it. Furthermore, SaaSOpen encourages attendees to host their own mini-events, like dinners or group runs, fostering community building and networking in a more informal setting​​.

6. Comfortable and Conducive Venue

The venue is designed to mimic a home office, with amenities such as free coffee, fast Wi-Fi, and numerous outlets. These features ensure a comfortable environment where you can stay connected and productive, even while attending the event. Quiet spaces for one-on-one meetings are also available, providing opportunities for deeper discussions and connections​​.

How SaaS Entrepreneurs Can Benefit

  • Engage with High-Caliber Leaders: Use this opportunity to interact with successful SaaS CEOs and learn from their journeys.
  • Practical Takeaways: Focus on sessions that offer actionable insights and apply them to your own SaaS business.
  • Diverse Learning: Attend various sessions to get a holistic understanding of different aspects of running a SaaS company.
  • Pitching and Networking: If you’re looking to raise funds, prepare to pitch to investors at the event. Even if you’re not pitching, use the opportunity to build your network.
  • Organize or Participate in Mini-Events: Hosting or attending informal gatherings can lead to valuable connections and partnerships.


SaaSOpen 2024 is not just a conference; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the SaaS community, learning from and connecting with leaders who have successfully navigated the path you’re on. With its focus on practical, evidence-based insights and a diverse range of experienced speakers, SaaSOpen is an event that offers real value and actionable takeaways for SaaS entrepreneurs.