Slush 2024: A Haven for SaaS Founders

The Essence of Slush

Founded in 2008, Slush has evolved from a modest gathering of 250 individuals into a global phenomenon, drawing the most relevant figures in the startup ecosystem. As a not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates, it relies on the dedication of over 1,600 volunteers annually. Slush’s primary mission is to serve and cultivate world-changing founders, offering an unparalleled platform for startups and investors through its annual event and other initiatives like Node by Slush and Slush’D​​.

Why Attend Slush?

Slush stands out as the largest startup event worldwide and a principal hub for venture capitalists. It’s particularly significant for startup enthusiasts, providing essential insights from experienced founders, operators, and investors. The event hosts four stages dedicated to diverse perspectives on company building, facilitating over 20,000 meetings. This setting offers an exceptional opportunity for startup founders, operators, investors, media, and policymakers to connect and engage in meaningful dialogue​​.

Diverse Stages on Company Building

The event features four stages centered around company building, offering insights from those who have built iconic startups. Slush recognizes that each company’s journey is unique, thus inviting a diverse group of founders, operators, and investors to share their hard-earned lessons on the intricacies of company building and developments in startups and tech​​.

Networking and Matchmaking

With over 20,000 meetings facilitated during the event, Slush provides a unique space for networking. The Meeting Area, equipped with 300 tables, allows for more than 800 meetings per hour. The Slush Matchmaking Tool is an innovative feature that helps participants connect based on an extensive, self-submitted dataset on early-stage startups​​.

Side Events for Engagement and Fun

Slush Week is packed with various side events, ranging from founder-investor networking to industry-specific gatherings. These events are designed not just for business and networking but also include unique activities like underground parties and ice swimming, encouraging attendees to challenge themselves, be inspired, and have fun​​.

Exclusive Founder’s Day

One of the highlights of Slush is Founders Day, the largest founder-only gathering globally. It includes mentoring, workshops, speakers, and immersive experiences, culminating in a legendary Founders Day party. This event offers an exclusive platform for founders to connect, share, and celebrate their entrepreneurial journey​​.

Showcasing Startups

For early-stage startups, Slush provides the opportunity to have their own booth at the heart of the event. This setup is crucial for gaining traction, leads, and visibility for their products and services​​.

Experiential Activities

Slush also offers a range of activities for both adrenaline seekers and those looking to relax before the event. These include unique experiences like dipping in the icy sea or exploring the Finnish archipelago, providing opportunities for informal networking and relaxation​​.

Interactive Speaker Q&A Sessions

The event features Speaker Q&A sessions, where attendees can engage directly with expert operators and founders. These 45-minute sessions allow startup ticket holders to seek advice and insights, accelerating their growth and understanding of various business aspects​​.


Slush 2024 stands as a beacon for SaaS founders, offering a blend of professional insights, networking opportunities, and unique experiences. It’s a must-attend event for anyone in the startup ecosystem, providing tools and knowledge essential for growth and success in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.