Ascent Conference 2024: A Summit for SaaS Leadership and Innovation

Overview of Ascent Conference

Ascent Conference, designed for high-level executives in the SaaS industry, focuses on elevating ideas and inspiring innovation. This exclusive event, tailored for CEOs, CMOs, CROs, VPs, and Directors of companies with revenues ranging from $5M to $1BN, is dedicated to providing a knowledge-rich experience for its attendees. It is recognized as the only C-level, VP-level, and Director-level SaaS conference in the US, offering actionable insights and strategies for sustainable growth​​.

Key Features of the Ascent Conference

  • Diverse Learning Opportunities: The conference presents a range of topics addressing current SaaS challenges and trends. Sample session topics include marketing attribution, unlocking GTM productivity with AI, building AI-powered content engines, engaging and monetizing owned audiences, creating a culture of performance and fun, B2B mobile consumer trends, B2B community marketing, rescaling sales teams, and utilizing generative AI in GTM strategies​​.
  • Interactive Workshops: Ascent offers intimate 8-person workshops facilitated by industry experts, allowing for deep dives into specific GTM topics. There are also 1-on-1 workshops for personalized discussions on timely topics. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for executives to engage in meaningful conversations and gain targeted insights​​.
  • Networking Opportunities: The event includes a buffet-style networking lunch, providing an excellent platform for attendees to connect with other industry leaders and professionals in a relaxed setting​​.
  • Distinguished Speakers: Past speakers at Ascent include notable industry figures such as Rand Fishkin from Sparktoro, Alina Vandenberghe from Chili Piper, Anthony Kennada from AudiencePlus, Geetika Maheshwari from ServiceNow, Emir Atli from HockeyStack, Ross Simmonds from Foundation, Sidney Waterfall from Refine Labs, Chris Orlob from PClub, Daniel Cmejla from Apollo, Donald Knight from Greenhouse, and Chip House from Insightly. Their experiences and insights provide valuable learning for all attendees​​​​.

Benefits for SaaS Entrepreneurs

  • Advanced Learning: Gain insights on cutting-edge strategies and tactics used by successful SaaS teams.
  • Executive Networking: Connect with other top-level executives and discuss challenges and solutions.
  • Practical Application: Walk away with strategies and insights that can be immediately implemented in your business for growth and innovation.


The Ascent Conference 2024 is a must-attend event for SaaS executives looking to elevate their ideas, inspire innovation, and connect with other industry leaders. It offers a unique blend of advanced learning opportunities, interactive workshops, and high-level networking, making it a valuable experience for any SaaS professional aiming for growth and success.